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Our Ministries

“ ALL to the glory of God.” 
Our desire is to encourage and help all individuals and families to grow spiritually, use their talents, and continue in discipleship. Below is a list and description of some of our ministries.

Adult Sunday School & Small Groups 

…”they ceased not to teach and preach Jesus Christ.” Men and women meet weekly in a small group format to study the Bible. We encourage and cultivate an environment of open discussions on current relevant topics, trials, and guidelines while viewing them from a biblical perspective. The end goal is to encourage a setting that uses a Biblical perspective to have open discussions on Biblical matters while also drawing believers closer together through joint study. In addition, Grace offers a class dedicated solely to those who are young in the Faith.

Instruments of Grace

…”The singers went before, the players on instruments followed after.” Worshipping the Lord through music is a passion at Grace. From beginners to seasoned musicians, from young of age to young at heart, our instrumentalists at Grace are all of like mind in that the main goal is to bring God all the glory and worship that is due His name.


…”singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord.” An adult and youth choir sing in our Sunday worship services on a monthly basis. All members are encouraged to get involved with only but one qualification necessary for service… a desire to sing Praises to our Lord!


...“let no man despise thy youth.” The teens meet monthly on Sundays in a newly renovated “teen room.” They also have bi-monthly teen outings. At Grace, we encourage our teens to get involved with serving in the church. While one of our goals it to build character and for the teen group to be fun and energetic, our main goal is for the teens to have a desire to not just be good but to be godly.

Youth & Children

…”Come, ye children… I will teach you the fear of the Lord.” Children of Grace are encouraged to actively participate in worshipping the Lord. Not only do they assist with the congregational singing once a month, they also help with the collection of offering. The children meet each week for Sunday School where they learn more about Jesus through Bible stories and Bible memorization. Junior church is a place for the children to build a solid foundation of understanding Biblical truths. A nursery with live streaming of the church service is provided for families with infants or toddlers.

Men's Basketball

…”so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend.” God has richly blessed us with a facility that allows us to accommodate a variety of activities. Men’s basketball meets once a month for men of all ages. This ministry has helped to grow and strengthen the relationships and friendships of the men of Grace.

Join Us


Small Groups - 10:00 am

Worship Service - 11:00 am


Evening Service - 6:00pm


Prayer Meeting - 6:00 pm

Adult Sunday School & Small Groups
Instruments of Grace
Youth & Chidren
Men's Basketball
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