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Our History

Grace, as a church, has sustained many hills and valleys. However, we can proudly say we have a heritage rich in serving the Lord only by the grace of God!


Grace Community Chapel begins meeting in West Hartford under the leadership of George Swanson.


Russell Sykes becomes Pastor. During his ministry, Grace begins looking for a new location to worship.


Keith Gephart becomes Pastor. Under his leadership, Grace Community Chapel merges with the Windsor Bible Fellowship to become Grace Baptist Church.


Glen Farnham becomes Pastor. During Glen’s ministry, property is located and acquired. 


The new church building is completed at 830 Marshall Phelps Road in Windsor.


After serving for three years as the Assistant Pastor, Clay Farnham accepts the call to become the Head Pastor.


Jason Stephens becomes Pastor moving his family from North Carolina to serve for 10 years.


Reuben Collins becomes Pastor bringing a zeal and passion to see Grace make an impact in the community for the Lord.

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