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Head Pastor

Pastor Reuben Collins and his wife Coretta
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Hear Pastor's story,

as featured on Unshackled.

Pastor Reuben Collins and his wife Coretta are not Connecticut born but are happy to call Connecticut home since 2014. Pastor Reuben grew up a New Englander, born in Massachusetts. Joining the Army in 1986, he was stationed in Louisiana, Korea, fought in Desert Storm, and eventually was stationed in Georgia, then Germany. It was during his time in the army he met his wife Coretta in Louisiana. They were married in 1989. After serving the United States for 10 years, Pastor Reuben was honorably discharged from the Army. Desiring to serve Christ with his life, Pastor Reuben moved his family to Florida where he could attend Bible college. After graduating, God led him and his family to Providence, Rhode Island to start a church in 2000. While leading a new church, Pastor Reuben also worked alongside the Providence police force, ministering as their chaplain. In 2007, he was led back to Florida to serve alongside and learn from a longtime and faithful friend, Pastor John Lonix.

And then came Grace. In 2014, Pastor Reuben along with his wife accepted the call to Grace Baptist Church. The Lord brought Pastor Reuben to Grace in His perfect timing and at exactly the right moment. Through the grace of the Lord, Pastor’s hard work and dedication has seen the church not only grow but also thrive. Exciting days are ahead! 

Pastor loves fellowshipping with believers, any project that involves building, but he especially loves people. His desire is to see a passion for Christ in his people.

Unshackled Story
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